Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Art Bead Scene Challenge

Don't you just love a good challenge? Now, I'm not talking about dumping perfectly good ice water over your head, or wasting expensive cinnamon by the tablespoons, or even trying to out plank your fellow barre friend (ok this one is a secret one, but let's be honest, we ALL do it!) No, I'm talking about a great creative challenge, complete with awesome prompts of masterpiece paintings and topped off with a Pinterest board! I'm talking about the monthly art challenge for jewelry designers created by Art Bead Scene!

This is February's prompt: An oil on canvas, titled "The Two Crowns" by Sir Francis Dicksee
I decided that with all that wonderful color, that I would make one of my paper Dragon Beads. They are crafted using well over 100 circles of paper that are then inked around the edges and adhered to a 16 mm wooden core bead. They are finished off with Ice Resin for durability.
Here is the other side of the same bead
What do you think? Do you think this qualifies as an art bead? I can't wait to start on next month's challenge! I'm thinking that one will involve polymer clay...

Until Next Time...Challenge Yourself!


  1. Love, love the bead - such a work of art! The painting makes a nice background.

  2. I absolutely think it's an art bead. You made it. It's art! Very nicely done :)

  3. I would love to own some! Please let me know when available :) Lovely work!

  4. This is an art bead for sure mate. And the painting really is amazing too. A job well done and im really excited to see what else you post and share with us.

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