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Friday, November 9, 2012

Snow globes and Easter eggs

Back to work in the studio...

I have always been fascinated with collages and snow globes and sugar carved Easter eggs, and all things miniature, for as long as I can remember. I love the layers of fabrics, paints, textures, images and colors. I love the attention to small details, the hidden meanings, the voyeurism, and the movement. 

Take for example, the sugar Easter eggs. Now, while I prefer the classic white ones, they all fascinate me. I love to peer inside at the pastel scenes of frolicking rabbits, crystal fluffy chicks, and Easter baskets. The big ones are great, but if I happen to find the small ones, where all those scenes are stuffed into smaller compartments, then I have hit the jackpot! Now, while I know how they are constructed, I like to block that out and pretend they just magically happen...

Who can resist picking up and shaking a snow globe with all those miniature scenes and glitter and "snow" swirling around? One good shake and you can control the weather! Ah the power!
 Just the other day, beautiful creature numero uno and I were looking at the sky, and she remarked on the way it felt like we were in one giant IMAX theater. The sky really looked like a dome above us.  Sometimes I wonder if maybe we are in one giant snow globe...

Now, don't get me started on a well built, fully furnished doll house.  Every time I see a great one it makes me wish I could shrink down and wander around inside. Where else but in this voyeuristic situation can I live in ten furnished, accessorized to the max, sparkly clean rooms? I wonder what it is like to sleep in a floor to ceiling floral wallpaper bedroom, eat off of tiny Blue Willow china plates then retire to read in a Biltmore like living room, complete with roaring fireplace. Don't you?

Collages hold even more allure for me. I love how the layers of paints, papers, textures, and colors reveal themselves. I love how the partially hidden words, barely visible photographs and layers of products lend themselves to new study every time you look at the work. Collages are fluid and even the meaning of the work can change depending on the viewer.

I have been working on creating art that can combine my love for all things layered, and miniature and complex. I have been creating a series of pendants that combine paper, seed beads, sticks, fabrics, metal objects and resin. I am very excited about these collage pieces and the stories they tell, and they will be listed on my website for purchase.


Until next time, create something beautiful!