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Friday, January 24, 2014

Grow Your Blog!

Welcome to the 2014 Grow Your Blog Party hosted by Vicki at the beautiful blog, 2 Bags Full! There are around 600 blogs joining in the fun this year and I am so looking forward to meeting new friends and viewing all the fantastic blogs!
The name of my business and blog is Blue Finch, and I'm sorry to say that if you came here looking for a bird blog, then you are out of luck! Several people did that last year and we both got a good laugh out of it! While I do love all things bird (hence the name), I just don't blog about them!  However, I do like to refer to my blog as "The Nest".
I am a mixed media jewelry artist who primarily creates jewelry. This means that some days I cannot decide between watercolors and glitter glue, so I usually use both! Most days I create jewelry or jewelry components, but some days I create on canvas or work on sculpture.  Some days I mess around with Resistance, and don't create shit, but more on that later...
One day my daughter, Beautiful Creature Numero Uno, and I were discussing blogging. We talked about the kinds of things people like to see and read about, and she said "Mom, I think people would want to know what goes on behind the beads." So out of the mouth of my own baby bird came the focus of my blog. I hope to give you some glimpses behind the beads into the beautiful life I am creating. As we all are....

Until next time...Welcome to The Nest!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Traveling By Map!

Welcome back to the Nest! Where has the time gone? Shortly after my last post, my husband and I decided to take on a new adventure. He took a 6 month sabbatical and we decided to change our course. We are leaving West Tennessee for the beautiful mountains of western Maryland! We are very excited about all the new beginnings and opportunities that await us! I guess I have probably logged at least twenty thousand miles on my car in the last six months. I could probably drive I81 in my sleep, including cautiously through Virginia!  So between looking for housing there and trying to sell the house here, checking out schools, getting my husband settled in Maryland, and running the beautiful creatures to all their activities here, and let's not forget checking out all the art supply stores and bead shops in between,  I have been very busy! Aren't you tired from just reading that last, very long, probably grammatically incorrect sentence! Whew! I am....

Although all of my beads are packed up, my mixed media stash is still accessible! Speaking of which, I have had the real honor and privilege of having one of my mixed media pieces selected to be published in Lesley Riley's latest book!

If you are not familiar with Lesley, then please check out her website! She is a fabulous artist, product developer, author, teacher, coach, mentor, and friend....you will not be disappointed!

So Nest, although it's been a crazy half year, a new one is upon us, and I have a whole list of things to accomplish in 2014! I hope you will join me!

Until Next time,  create your own beautiful adventure!