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About Me

Hello and welcome to Circus Meets Boardroom! I am a mixed media artist, which means that sometimes I can't decide between watercolors or glitter so I just use both! My primary focus is jewelry, but you can also use my components for assemblage or altered books. Circus Meets Boardroom is a fabulous combination of rich colors, multiple layers and whimsical, eclectic themes all bound together by precision handiwork. My life and personality can be defined the same way! 

I am a mom to two beautiful souls, and a wife to a very complex man! I am an avid treasure seeker, a gratitude journal keeper, voracious reader, tea drinker, chocolate fiend, turtle rescuer, horse lover, and found words poet. I am also easily distracted by shiny things... oh, and silently competitive....

Most days I can be found in my basement studio with the music blaring and the dog snoring nearby!

Meet Buddy!

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