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Friday, August 12, 2016

Rolled A Seven....

Are you a middle child? If so, are you flexible and diplomatic? Maybe the mediator between your siblings, as so many psychologists have reported you to be? Or are you an attention seeker and ultra competitive because your parents are too busy dealing with the other life sucking bookends in your overlooked existence? The middle child can run the gamut...a game of dice personified.

The three Fates in mythology were no different. In my last post I introduced you to the first sister, Clotho, the spinner of the thread of life. She was the over-responsible one. The controller. She managed to get your life going, being the high achiever that she was.  Now, meet the middle sister, Lachesis. She was the allotter of life, the determiner of your destiny, the assessor of your thread. Oh yes, she was THAT sister! She was always negotiating lives and tried to keep the peace between her other two sisters, a difficult task that even Zeus wanted no part of. Yeah, I'm betting she was often misunderstood and that she didn't get many dates at Mt. Olympus High either. Now, depending on what kind of day she was having when she measured your thread with her fatalistic tape measure, you may have a long, joyful life or a short, painful one.  I'm hoping when she measured mine her sisters were nowhere around and she was having a good hair day!

This is my version of Lachesis

The steampunk gears represent the constant motion of life, and the notion of one being a cog in the wheel of humanity. I took the literal representation of measuring life with the tape measure choker. Her ears...don't really need explanation...

Here's a tip for you-if you are going to use a gazillion screws for hair, paint them BEFORE you adhere them! 

Until Next Time...quam mensurae ad te? (How are you measuring up?)


  1. Fabulous blog post Rach! Love the mythology lesson and your 'head' is fabulous!!! Love the detail and depth. xoxo

  2. Brilliant and stunning work you have done on that model. Its amazing to see such fine work and see the amazing model. You have done an extraordinary work and its highly appreciable