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Monday, March 7, 2016

Surprise-Out Of The Oven!

What? Not what you were expecting? A Girl Scout Surprise rarely is...
This is what happens when you mix paper, punches, inks, paints, beads, and resin! The possibilities are endless really, but currently I have an obsession with paper and a large set of patterned hole punches to play with. The petals are made of various forms-circles, stars, hearts and even butterflies. 
I layer them over precut floral embellishments and then trim the edges so that you can once again see the petal shape. Then I ink the edges, add a dash of paint and coat them in ice resin so that they are durable enough to wear as jewelry. Finally, I layer them together and add beads to make the pistil. Not a bad surprise, huh? They aren't hard to make, they just take some time. I encourage you to grab your supplies and start mixing. Create your own surprise! 

So until next time....Get Cookin'!


  1. What fun! Thank you for sharing.

  2. I saw you share these on IG, but the details I can see in this post make them even more amazing. They are real beauties!!

  3. Found you on IG and had to check out these amazing flowers! I'm going to attempt making a few. Thanks for the inspiration!