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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Production Started!

I want to say thank you to all the beautiful and generous women who have viewed, left comments, and followed my blog over the past few weeks! What an amazing response to the Grow Your Blog Party! I still haven't made my way through the whole list of blogs yet! As promised, I am sending each of my new friends a pair of earrings! I have just started production on them and will hopefully have them shipped by next week!

Check out these gorgeous earrings! They were made by my new friend, Tanya, who writes an equally gorgeous blog titled, BeadandNeedle.  She was very generous and offered me an earring exchange, and boy did I ever get lucky! I am just awed by the wonderful, creative people that have crossed my path in the past few months. All is good....

Until next time, create something beautiful!


  1. Wonderful and creative people have crossed my path, too...count yourself among them! Happy Thursday - Tanya

  2. It will be fun to see the earrings you create! Still can't believe how generous you are to be offering them to us! The GYB party was SUCH a positive experience for me, meeting some wonderful, talented and kind friends!!

    I have to concur with you about how awesome Tanya is. I also just 'met' her through the GYB party, yet I feel like we're now old pals for life. I was gifted with some of those same beautiful hand-dyed lucite flowers that her friend makes...aren't they fascinating!? The earrings she sent you are really pretty. She's so generous...

    As are YOU! Good luck with your big earring production!! Take care, and I'll be coming back to visit often.


    1. OK, you girls are making me blush...I can't take credit for anything other than throwing them together - my friend, Heather French (French Roses for those of you who might quilt, too) hand dyes the flowers - she can be reached through her Facebook page under the name Vintage Meadow Artworks(as well as having more photos there) - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vintage-Meadow-Artworks/158632817536906#!/pages/Vintage-Meadow-Artworks/158632817536906

      Rock on!

  3. I think it is such a sweet and thoughtful gesture you are giving as a gift..I adore your header!
    Happy weekend, Rachel.

  4. I really enjoyed the blog party too, and have met many creative people, including you-when you offered to make me a pair of ear rings I couldn't believe you would do that for all your new followers-so I don't think I replied back to you.
    I love your exchange-very pretty-

  5. I can't wait to see what you send. I love earrings and you make such beautiful jewelry. So generous of you. Thank you.

  6. I am still enjoying the GYBP...I am glad I found you there. Your badge is up on my blog! Can hardly wait to see your lovely creation for moi!!!

    Thank you! Have a great day! AND THINK SPRING...IT'S 20 degrees here and flurries...ENOUGH ALREADY!

  7. Looking forward to receiving a pair of your beautiful earrings! Thanks so much for sending them to so many... truly a generous offer! I hope you're making headway on the list!

  8. Hello Rachel,
    Well I am flabbergasted! I just opened a package from you with a pair of sweet earrings in them! I could not remember why someone was sending me earrings...and then I remembered that during the blog hop I met a lovely blogger who said she was going to make earrings for everyone who commented. I must say, I thought you were very generous, and very brave! And now you have done it. Well that must feel really good! I know I feel good : )
    Thank you so much for your very kind gift. I make jewelry too, and love visiting your blog to see your beautiful creations. Did you make the bezels in my earrings as well?
    Thank you again for your sweet generosity.

  9. Stunning work! I love all your bits and pieces here.Those earrings at the top look fab!

    Popping by from 2bagsfull blog party after changing my blog and profile, :). Revisiting everyone is lovely!

    Look forward to reading more of your lovely posts.

    Rachel xoxoxox http://gentlewanderings.blogspot.co.uk/