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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Singing in the Studio

Welcome to my studio! When we moved a couple of years ago, one of the requirements for our new house was that it had to have a "bead room" in addition to a guest room.  Now if you don't suffer from the same addiction that I do, its kinda hard to explain to a realtor what exactly it is you mean when you say that you have a lot of beads and need space to house them.  I tried saying that I needed "studio space" but that seemed to imply I needed space for an easel and some canvas to paint. I didn't need a corner of a room, I needed a whole room! We would go look at houses and my two beautiful creatures would get all excited and pick out which room would be theirs, and then they would stop and ask "Where would the beads go?" My husband would house hunt on his own and come home and report "I found a great house, except there is no bead room." The Realtors would ask if I could use a closet or small office space. Before I could answer,  beautiful creature numero uno would just burst out in this sarcastic laugh and say "you haven't seen the beads!" The "beads"and all that goes with them, have become a collective entity all to itself.

I am very blessed to have a family that supports and encourages my art. My kids and husband patiently attend bead shows without complaining. In exchange for video games, skateboards, camera fund money, and anything else I can think of to bribe them with, the kids will sort, count and photograph the beads for my inventory system.  My husband, parents, in-laws, and occasionally my husband's office staff, hold down the fort when I am traveling for bead related events. It seems it does take a village, and for that I am grateful.

This is my creative space.  Cluttered. Organized. Stimulating. Beautiful.   A place where I can create and dream. To just be. This is my place to sing, if you will. Since this picture was taken I have replaced the small fish tank with a larger one on another shelf, out of view. It has the constant sound of bubbling water that I find very soothing. I also have a great sound system, wonderfully scented candles, a huge chocolate stash, an occasional snoring dog and absolutely no rules!

Until next time...as my favorite artist, Picasso,  once said "To draw, you must close your eyes and sing."  I hope this finds you singing...


  1. Holy Crap!! You weren't joking about your bead room:) It's awesome, just like its inhabitant! xo

  2. Wow- that's amazing! I would get lost in that room

  3. Now that is a play room! How wonderful that you have such a beautiful and, I can tell, well-planned area to work your magic. I have a snoring dog (right this minute) beside me, and he's loud. Neither he nor the birds (finches and a canary)who share, ah, my room seem to like my taste in music. I'm sure your fish don't object, no crowding into the far end of the tank? (Oh, smack me!)